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Container stocare energie BRES-215-100

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Container de stocare a energiei BRES-215-100, capacitate baterie: 215 kWh, capacitate PCS: 100 kW, include STS, include HVAC, dimensiuni (latime*adancime*inaltime): 1600*1330*2250 mm. Compatibila cu programul Electric Up.


PV parameter
Maximum photovoltaic access power -
Rated current -
Rated input voltage -
Rated frequency -
DC side parameter
Voltage range DC580V~DC900V
DC channel 1
Rated single channel current 170A
AC parameter (on-grid)
Rated power 100kW
Rated grid voltage 3W+N+PE, 380V/400V
Grid voltage range -15% ~ +10%
Rated grid frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Grid frequency range ±2Hz
Output current harmonics ≤3% (rated power)
DC component <0.5%In
Power factor range -0.9 ~ +0.9
AC parameter (off grid)
AC parameter (off grid) -
Maximum output power -
Rated output voltage -
Output voltage harmonics -
Rated frequency -
Overload capacity -
Battery parameter
Cell type Lithium iron phosphate
Single battery cabinet electricity 215.04kWh
Number of battery cabinets 1
Battery system electricity 215.04kWh
Rated running time 2 h (the duration can be customized by adjusting the number of battery modules)
Cycle life 6000 times (0.5C @ 25°C charge and discharge @ 90% DOD, EOL 80%)
AC switch Equipped
PV electrically-operated AC switch Equipped
Grid monitoring Equipped
Surge protection Equipped
Basic parameter
Size (W*D*H) (mm) 1600*1330*2250
Weight (kg) 2500Kg
Isolation mode -
On-grid and off grid switching device STS (optional)
Protection grade IP54 for outdoor type
Working temperature range -20°C - 55°C (derating above 45°C)
Relative humidity (without condensing) 0 ~ 95%
Temperature control method Battery compartment: air conditioning; Electrical compartment: air cooling
Maximum working altitude 2000m at 45°C; 2000m-4000 m with derating use
Display Touch screen
External communication interface RS485, LAN
Communication protocol Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP