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Solutie mobila stocare energie GRES-300-200

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Solutie mobila de stocare a energiei GRES 300-200, tip baterie C1 sau C2, capacitate baterie: 300 kWh, capacitate PCS: 200 kW, include 4 module bidirectionale AC/DC 50 kW, 1 STS, 4 baterii LFP 768V 100Ah 76.8kWh, PMS (PCS Management System), se pot adauga maxim 2 module DC-DC MPPT 50 kW, dimensiuni (latime*adancime*inaltime): 1680*3830*1700 mm


PV parameter
MPPT voltage range DC200V ~ DC700V
MPPT full power voltage range DC370V ~ DC700V
Number of MPPT channels 0-2 (optional)
Maximum single channel current 135A
AC parameter (on-grid)
Rated output power 200kW
Maximum output power 220kW
Rated grid voltage AC 380V/400V
Grid 3W+N+PE
Grid voltage range -15% ~ +10%
Rated grid frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Grid frequency range ±2Hz
Output current harmonics ≤3% (rated power)
Power factor range -0.9 ~ +0.9
AC parameter (off grid)
Rated output power 200kW
Maximum output power 220kW
Rated output voltage 3W+N+PE, 380V/400V
Output voltage harmonics 3% (linear full load)
Rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Overload capacity 105%: continuous operation; 105% - 120%: 10 min; 120%: 1 min
Battery parameter
Cell type Lithium iron phosphate
Single battery module electricity 5.12kWh
Number of battery modules 60
Battery system electricity 307.2kWh
Running time 1.5h (the duration can be customized by adjusting the number of battery modules)
Cycle life 4000 times(0.5C@25℃ charge and discharge@100%DOD, EOL80%)
DC switch Equipped
AC switch Equipped
Grid monitoring Equipped
DC reverse connection protection Equipped
Ground fault protection Equipped
Surge protection DC level 2/AC level 2
Basic parameter
Size (W*D*H) (mm) 1680*3788*1700
Weight (kg) 4620kg
Isolation mode Non-isolated
Protection grade IP54 for outdoor type
Working temperature range -20°C - 55°C (derating above 45°C)
Relative humidity (without condensing) 0 ~ 95%
Temperature control method Electrical compartment: intelligent air cooling; Battery compartment: air conditioning
Maximum working altitude 4000m (derating above 2000m)
Display Touch screen
Communication interface RS485, CAN, LAN
Communication protocol Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP, CAN2.0B