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Panouri fotovoltaice monocristaline 550Wp 144 half-cut

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Panouri fotovoltaice monocristaline 550W, 144 half-cut

Electrical Data (STC)
Peak Power Watts: 550W
Power Tolerance 0 ~ +5W
Maximum Power Voltage: 40.90V
Maximum Power Current: 13.45A
Open Circuit Voltage: 49.62V
Short Circuit Current: 14.03A
Module Efficiency: 21.3%

Electrical Data (NOCT)
Maximum Power: 409W
Maximum Power Voltage: 38.42V
Maximum Power Current: 10.65A
Open Circuit Voltage: 46.84V
Short Circuit Current: 11.33A

Mechanical Data
Solar Cells: Monocrystalline
Cell Orientation: 144 cells (6x24)
Module Dimensions: 2279x1134x35mm
Weight: 29.4 kg
Glass: 3.2mm, High Transmission, AR Coated Heat Strengthened Glass
Encapsulant Material: EVA/POE
Backsheet White
Frame 35mm Anodized Aluminium Alloy
J-Box IP 68 rated
Cables Photovoltaic Technology Cable 4.0mm,
Portrait: N 300mm/P 300mm
Connector MC4

Temperature Ratings
NOCT (Nominal Operating Cell Temperature): 45°C (±2°C)
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax: -0.35%/℃
Temperature Coefficient of Vcc: -0.28%/℃
Temperature Coefficient of Isc: 0.048%/℃

Maximum Ratings
Operational Temperature: -40~+85℃
Maximum System Voltage: 1500V DC (IEC)
Max Series Fuse Rating: 25A